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Quality Control

As part of our dedication to service, City Concrete Company places a great deal of emphasis on quality. To this end, we have a fully equipped laboratory capable of designing and testing concrete for any project from start to finish. From the aggregate plants to the curing room, our laboratory technicians make themselves thoroughly familiar with all of the materials that we use in our mix designs and constantly check samples from each plant and keep the plants informed about the material that is being produced. In addition, our laboratory technicians routinely perform plastic concrete testing in the field to ensure that we are meeting our goals, which normally exceed those set out in the project specifications.

Our laboratory technicians, as well as most of our managers, maintain ACI field testing certifications and the laboratory personnel have completed the NRMCA/ACI Concrete Short Courses and stay current with all industry specifications and associations. This dedication to quality is what allows us to produce quality concrete products for any application, anytime, anywhere.